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How to Get Started Playing Daily Fantasy Football – A Guide for New Players

Love football, and reckon you could pick the perfect lineup of players to create an unbeatable team? Playing daily fantasy football is definitely an option for you!

But where do you start with daily fantasy football? We’ve compiled some info below to fill you in on the steps involved in playing (and winning) fantasy football. Hopefully it’ll encourage new players among you to take the leap!

Playing Daily Fantasy Football: The Basics

The basic steps of playing daily fantasy football couldn’t be simpler. There’s three main stages to playing:

  • Next you need to join a game and start selecting your team. We’ll go into how best to use your player budget below, but suffice to say, this is the most important step.
  • Finally, at the end of the playing period, you’ll be able to see the scores accrued by each users in your game, based on the real life performance stats of each of their players.

Selecting a Team

Old photograph of lined-up football players

Like any real football team manager, you’ll usually have a fixed budget you can spend on your players; this differs from site to site, but is usually in the high multi-millions.

Using that cash in the most efficient way is the aim of the game. It might not always be able to afford all the ‘best’ players you were hoping for; sometimes you’ll have to compromise and think outside the box in order to win.

The players who win consistently tend to be the players who do their homework at this stage. Because scoring is both positive and negative, you want to have a broad overview of a player’s past performance to understand the likelihood of chosen players both scoring positively.Of course, you’ll also want to avoid the behaviour which would make them score negatively!

For more information on how to select players for particularly daily fantasy contests, check out our essential cash games vs tournaments guide.


Adding numbers on a blackboard

To be able to get the best idea of how your prospective players are going to perform, you’ll need to have a really good idea how the scoring system at your chosen site works.

The ins and out of what counts for scoring, and how much that’s worth changes from site to site. At all sites, things like scoring or saving a goal will see your striker or keeper getting a notch on the score sheet. Meanwhile, missing a penalty or allowing a goal in will see them losing points. Before you start choosing your players, be sure you fully understand all the variables you need to be looking out for in terms of scoring.

Though it’s often tempting to splash out on star strikers in the hopes of scoring highly on goal count, it usually pays off if you invest in a solid defensive line and goal keeper; you’ll discover it’s here where the majority of your points are going to get chalked up.

It’s when you start thinking about games in terms of what each individual player is doing for you score wise, that’s when you’ll start enjoying success.


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