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Play Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football

There’s no better way to get involved with this year’s UEFA European football league than playing the Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football!

This is our guide to where and how you can play Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football. Prepare for exhilarating wins and cash prizes.

Where To Play Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football?

There are plenty of sites where UK fans can play Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football. Check out our list of prime options:



As one of the biggest daily fantasy football providers, of course Mondogoal is offering Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football.

You can enter contests for cash from as little as £2 per entry fee. From small cash games and head-to-heads, to mega tournaments with thousands to win, there’s something for every player.

Mondogoal is a major player in the daily fantasy football world. Set up in 2014, this daily fantasy operator has since offered over 1 million in cash prizes to contestants.

Find out more about Mondogoal in our review.



DraftKings don’t disappoint in their Euro 2016 daily fantasy football offerings. Contestants have the chance to win whopping prizes in the thousands region, or a number of smaller cash gains.

DraftKings are one of the biggest daily fantasy sports operators around, so you know you’re in good hands.

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DFS operator FanFeud is a great site for an alternative playing style to DraftKings and Mondogoal. It specialises in Pick-5 games, where you select five players from two teams playing against one another – in any position and with no team budget. Contest entry is cheap (or free) and there are a range of cash prizes up for grabs.

FanFeud operates on a 1 winner only payout structure, so prepare to make bold and unorthodox player choices to nab that first place spot.

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Fanaments has a huge variety of contests and games, for a truly exciting Euro 2016 daily fantasy football experience. From player points to match score predictions, you can win money on so many factors of Euro 2016.

This relatively new operator has been licensed in the UK since January this year. Fanaments also offers Basketball, Golf and Mixed Martial Arts contests throughout the year.

So… How Do I Win?

There’s no one way to answer this question! Your likelihood of winning Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football games depends on a few factors…

UEFA Euro League Trophy.

What type of contest are you entering?

There is more than one daily fantasy contest type available to you, with different rules involved. Find out more about daily fantasy football contest types by reading our feature on Tournaments vs. Cash Games.

For further information on 50/50 cash games, read our strategy guide to Winning A 50/50 Football Contest.

In addition, check out our feature EPL analysis Why We Lost The 50/50.

Is your roster as up to date as possible?

In the world of daily fantasy sports, making your lineup decisions can come down to the wire. Before the matches begin, make sure you’re not rostering injured or otherwise benched players. This means your fantasy Euro 2016 daily fantasy football team will be shipshape when the matches start.

An injured footballer on the ground.

Also, note that different sites have different rules on how and when a team can be edited. DraftKings lets you amend lineups until the start of that day’s matches. On the other hand, FanFeud doesn’t allow editing or cancellation once you’ve rostered a team!

Are you doing your research?

From breaking news to the latest statistics, reading up on Euro 2016 is worth its weight in gold when you’re playing Euro 2016 Daily Fantasy Football.

Check out our guide on how to use your resources right in Researching Winning Daily Fantasy Strategies.

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