Mesut Ozil playing against Aston Villa in 2015

Daily Fantasy Premier League Week 7: Attacker Picks

Welcome to Daily Fantasy Premier League Week 7! This is our guide on attacking players to pick, and to miss, this week.

Manchester City are still thrashing the competition with the return of Sergio Aguero, and Liverpool had a breakout performance in Week 6 against Hull City. Read on for our thoughts on who to carry forward and who to bench for this week’s lineups.

As per usual, we’ve listed salary prices for DraftKings, FanDuel, Mondogoal and PlayON. Find out more about these sites in our Reviews section.

We’ll focus on Saturday and Sunday games, excluding Friday’s Everton v Crystal Palace match. Please note that in some contests the first match of the day is excluded.

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There are a wealth of great striking forwards for Daily Fantasy Premier League Week 7, for both Saturday and Sunday’s matches. With heavyweights from Arsenal and Manchester City, as well as standout players from weaker teams, you’ll find a player for every type of contest.


Diego Costa

Some fantasy managers will be dropping Chelsea players like hot potatoes after their latest performance. Consider Diego Costa as a tournament pick.

  • Diego Costa, Chelsea ($9,200 DK, £12m FD, £12.9m MG, £13.6m PO). Costa’s performance against Arsenal in Week 6 wasn’t ideal, but he’s much more favourably matched against Hull City this week. However, you should watch out for those yellow cards – he’s had four so far this season! Not that they seem to affect his fantasy scores that much. Some fantasy managers will be dropping Chelsea players like hot potatoes after their latest performance, so also consider Costa as a contrarian tournament pick.
  • Michail Antonio, West Ham United ($8,400 DK, £11.9m FD, £9.8m MG, £9.5m PO). Antonio is greatly matched against a weak attacking side from Middlesbrough this week. The prolific goal-scorer has netted five over the past six weeks; plus he manages to put in a range of fantasy-friendly moves. He is still a cheaper option than teammate Dmitri Payet ($10,100 DK, £13.7m FD,  £11.5m MG, £13.0m PO) but has been the better fantasy pick of the season thus far.
  • Jermain Defoe, Sunderland ($8,600 DK, £8.5m FD, £10.5m MG, £10.6m PO). Defoe put in an insane performance against Crystal Palace last week, netting two goals in six shots, three of which were on goal. It just goes to show you shouldn’t dismiss the player because of the team’s league table position. On the other hand, Defoe does have highly variable scores, so he’s better as a tournament pick than a cash game pick.


Alexis Sanchez. Photo by Kieran Clarke.

It looks like Alexis Sanchez will retain his central spot for Arsenal in the upcoming match against Burnley.

  • Sergio Aguero, Manchester City (£16.5m FD, £14m MG, £15.0m PO). Sergio is back and he’s better than ever. In a stunning return to the team, he scored two goals on four shots. His fantasy credentials are evident: with five goals in only four league appearances, it would be foolish to turn down this key player for 50/50 cash games this Sunday. However, Aguero isn’t the only good Man City forward; consider Raheem Sterling (£9.1m MG) for a great, consistent player at a cheaper price.
  • Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal (£14.3m FD, £13.4m MG, £14.3m PO). Sanchez put in another solid performance against Chelsea, netting a goal and providing an assist, as well as two interceptions. He was subbed out for Giroud for the last 11 minutes, but we’re not worried. Seeing as Wenger has stuck with the same starting lineup for Week 5 and 6, it looks like Sanchez will retain his central spot in the upcoming match against Burnley.
  • Theo Walcott, Arsenal (£9.7m FD, £9m MG, £11.0m PO). For an Arsenal striker who won’t break the fantasy bank, look to Walcott. He regained his starting spot in Week 5 against Hull, and by last week was back in blazing form. He was a key part of Arsenal’s 3-0 victory over Chelsea, putting in a goal in the 14th minute, an assist, two crosses and three winning tackles. We’re keen to see him perform similarly against Burnley this week.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Manchester United (£15.3m FD, £14.6m MG, £14.1m PO). Ibra is more of an honourable mention this week, as the early start Manchester United v Stoke match isn’t available in all daily fantasy contests. However, if he is an option for you, Ibra against Stoke is too good to miss! After a great performance against Leicester, we’re expecting United to thrive in an easy match against one of the season’s weakest sides.


Due to the early Liverpool v Swansea match not showing up in all daily fantasy contests, pickings are a bit slim for the Saturday of Daily Fantasy Premier League Week 7. On the other hand, Sunday has a wealth of expensive but high-performing midfielders to consider.


Robert Snodgrass playing for Hull City

Hull City’s Robert Snodgrass has been one of this season’s standout midfield players.

  • Robert Snodgrass, Hull City ($6,800 DK, £8.9m FD, £10.8m MG, £7.8m PO). It’s undeniable that Snodgrass has been one of this season’s standout midfield players. Hull had a tough time against Liverpool last week. However, we think they’re in with more of a chance against Chelsea, who are also coming off the back of a shoddy performance. Though not the safest pick, if you want to get some contrarian action from Hull go for Snodgrass.
  • Etienne Capoue, Watford ($6,600 DK, £9.5m FD, £8.5m MG, £7.3m PO). Capoue was a key player for Watford in Week 5, contributing a goal to their 3-1 win against Manchester United. His appearance last week didn’t have much of an impact, but overall he has performed impressively this season, with four goals in five matches.
  • James McClean, West Bromwich Albion ($5,800 DK, £6.8m FD, £4.7m MG, £7.8m PO). McClean may be a risk, as he hasn’t been a starter this season. We reckon, however, that his great performances over the past two weeks (including a goal in Week 5) may put him in the Starting XI for Week 7. Plus at £4.7m he’s an absolute steal on Mondogoal. Roster with caution!
  • Philippe Coutinho, Liverpool (£13.7m FD, £14.1m MG, £11.8m PO). Though sadly he’s not available in some contests, thanks to Liverpool’s early match time, we had to mention Coutinho! The Brazilian left-winger performed incredibly against Hull, with a goal, an assist and a well-deserved Man of the Match title. If Liverpool players feature in your chosen contests, make sure to consider their advantages against Swansea.


Mesut Ozil playing against Aston Villa in 2015

Mesut Ozil has become a pivotal part of Arsenal’s league table-climbing side this season.

  • Mesut Ozil, Arsenal (£12.7m FD, £11.7m MG, £12.9m PO). Arsenal are looking strong against Burnley in Week 7, and Ozil has become a pivotal part of the team’s league table-climbing side this season. He really shone last week, named Man of the Match against Chelsea after a goal on one shot, as well as five crosses, two winning tackles, and two interceptions. This recent victory has made us look to him instead of Santi Cazorla (£11.7m MG, £10.5m PO), though you may want to consider Cazorla’s cheaper price on PlayON.
  • Dusan Tadic, Southampton (£9.6m FD, £9.8m MG, £11.3m PO). Tadic was on fire in Week 6, showing flashes of his meteoric 2015/16 season. Scoring a goal on three shots, Tadic really bolstered his team with an impressive range of nimble footwork and keen attacking skills. Hopefully, his first goal of the season is a sign of good things to come! Plus we’re confident about Southampton’s chances against a struggling Leicester side.
  • Heung-Min Son, Tottenham Hotspur (£10.5m FD, £10m MG, £9.9m PO). Heung-Min is a solid midfielder who has helped his team rise to a well-deserved second place in the league table. With a healthy combination of crosses, tackles, and assists under his belt, the South Korean player’s two-goal breakout performance last week was only the tip of the iceberg.

Daily Fantasy Premier League Week 7: Players to Avoid

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney was benched for Manchester United’s Week 6 match, and it will be a similar story for Week 7.

It’s not all great news for Daily Fantasy Premier League Week 7. Here are some of the players you may want to give a miss on this week’s rosters.

  • Wayne Rooney, Manchester United (£10.4m FD, £8.8m MG, £11.8m PO). Manchester United shaped up for Week 6’s match against Leicester, with a 4-1 victory, but Rooney wasn’t a part of the effort. According to Sky Sports, it will be a similar story in the team’s match against Stoke this week, with Rooney instead starting in the Europa League.
  • Cesc Fabregas, Chelsea ($6,200 DK, £8.5m FD, £11.1m MG, £10.0m PO). Fabregas had a brief first start to the season, appearing in Chelsea’s disastrous match against Arsenal. He was then benched 10 minutes into the second half in favour of Marcos Alonso. The defense side was the weakest part of Chelsea’s performance this week, but the team’s attackers aren’t without blame either. It’s unlikely Fabregas will be a starter again this week.
  • Kevin de Bruyne, Manchester City (£16.1m FD, £13.5m MG, £14m PO). Unfortunately, de Bruyne has been ruled out for four weeks due to a hamstring injury, according to reports. This timeframe isn’t entirely set in stone, but we’re definitely avoiding the star midfielder this week. Check out David Silva (£10.1m FD, £10m MG, £12.8m PO), returning last week from injury to score a goal against Swansea, as a possible Man City midfield replacement.

This has been our attacking roundup for Daily Fantasy Premier League Week 7.

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