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Daily Fantasy Football Strategy: Win A 50/50 Contest

Creating a solid daily fantasy football strategy range is key to winning 50/50 cash games.

But where to begin? Which stats are important, which sites should you use, and what’s just a distraction?

This DailyFantasyUK guide will help you develop a 50/50 daily fantasy football strategy. This will increase the likelihood of you getting in that winning upper 50% and winning cash prizes.

What is a 50/50 contest?

We’ve covered this briefly in our Cash Games vs. Tournaments article, but here’s a quick summary of how a 50/50 daily fantasy contest works:

  • 50/50 contests double the money of all entrants whose fantasy team scores in the upper 50% of the contest.
  • If you enter a $3 contest you get $6 for winning, while the bottom 50% lose their entry fee.
  • Multipliers: 50/50 contests are technically Multipliers, as winners multiply their entry money by 2. Other multiplier contests can offer 3 x and up for winners. This will affect the payout structure, however, as fewer entrants will be able to benefit from the overall money pot. These other contests are often listed as Multipliers, whereas 50/50s are listed as their own category.

Daily Fantasy Football Sites

Before implementing a 50/50 daily fantasy football strategy, you’ve got to find the right site for the job. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Mondogoal. This site specialises in daily fantasy football, offering the biggest range of international leagues. For an in depth look at this Daily Fantasy site see our review.
  • DraftKings. DraftKings is an industry leader in a range of daily fantasy sports, and its daily fantasy football section is no exception. Check out our DraftKings review to find out more.
  • Fanaments. Europe’s #1 in Daily Fantasy Sports, Fanaments is immensely popular, particularly for football.

Each of these sites has a different approach to scoring, payout structure and lineup creation. Therefore, make sure you’re familiar with the platform you choose before implementing a 50/50 daily fantasy football strategy.

(I’ve left out FanFeud from this list as the 1 winner only payout structure means 50/50s aren’t an option).

The Stats

Before you kickoff with a 50/50 daily fantasy football strategy, you first need to get to grips with basic and important stats.

Statistics bar chart with rising red arrow.

The trick is knowing how to interpret them, so you can try to use them to your utmost advantage. Statistics aren’t going to be perfect predictors of how your players will do that day. On the other hand, doing your research is a lot better than going in blind.


A player may have a great FFPG (Fantasy Points Per Game) score on DraftKings, but this could be due to two things.

Some FFPGs do reflect the player’s consistent fantasy scores. However, some players may have significant gains in one match and perform horrendously in another.

You want to avoid the second type of player for 50/50 cash games. This is because these contests are about landing in the upper 50%, not taking risks to come in first place.

Choosing players with a ‘high floor‘ overall is key. This is DFS lingo for those whose average is balanced so even the ‘floor’ or lowest predicted results are pretty good.

Player Stats

We’ve already done a general roundup on football player stats in DFS Football Player Stats You Need To Know. I’d like to focus a bit more on a few important things that are useful for 50/50 football contests in particular.

Stud Forwards

Consistent and impressive ‘stud’ forward players are worth splashing out on, fantasy budget-wise, for a 50/50 game (read our DFS Glossary for more terms like ‘stud’).

Wayne Rooney

Goals will rack you up the most points, so an impressive scoring record should be at the top of your rostering agenda. Don’t forget to look at Assist stats too – nobody likes a glory-hog, not even daily fantasy scoreboards!

Versatile Midfielders

Midfielders who have a strong record of scoring points across the board – be that for Assists, Passes, or Shots On Goal – are safe choices for 50/50 matches. Theoretically, they have the most varied opportunities to score points possible.

Wingers (left or right-playing) midfielders are a good bet, as they will be racking up points on Passes and Crosses. Attacking midfielders are also good to focus on. They are more likely to score Goals and make Assists than their defensive counterparts.

Dependable Goalies

Making a good call here is easier said than done, but goalkeeper choice can make or break your 50/50 daily fantasy football strategy. As with forwards, and really all 50/50 players, dependability is key.

A goalkeeper lunges for the ball.

The most important stat for goalkeepers is Saves. The Clean Sheet is a tempting factor, but for 50/50s it’s best to focus on Saves as this is an easier score to build-up. Beyond this, Penalty Saves are rewarded extra on some sites. Think of the Clean Sheet more as a pleasant bonus, especially if you can get a defender Clean Sheet too.

Stackable Defenders…?

Stacking defenders with the same team’s goalkeeper can be a great way to rack up the points, especially if they get a Clean Sheet on that day (up to 14 points on DraftKings, if you’re eager enough to draft all four players from the same team). This would heavily depend on each player’s Clean Sheet stats, however – the goalkeeper’s in particular.

Putting all your defense in one basket isn’t the best way to go for 50/50s. It introduces a risk that can effect multiple scores. Consider stacking one defender with a goalkeeper, to play it safe.

Their Competitors

Although team performance isn’t the main focus of Daily Fantasy Sports, as you can choose from a range of players taking part in a day’s fixtures, it is useful to know who the opponents are.

The feet of two opposing football players stand near the ball.

Is your striker up against an almost-impenetrable defense line that day, or is your goalie going to be staving off strong attacking midfielders and forwards? Is your player’s team up against this season’s powerhouse or a team plummeting down the league table?

So yes, it’s still very important to look at the overall league tables, and maybe even check what the bookies are saying about match outcomes.

Your Competitors

We all like to think we’re going to be in the top 50% of players entering any given contest, but never forget that people with a vast amount of experience and analytic tools under their belt can always enter the fray. Seasoned players often make a living off building up money from cash games, so the 50/50 isn’t just for small fish.

As we explored in the Why We Lost The 50/50 feature, knowing why you might lose a game is as important as knowing why you might win.

On some sites you can look into your opponents’ statistics; we suggest you do when you can. Also, beginners’ games are a great way to get started with implementing your 50/50 daily fantasy football strategy with less risk of running into more experienced regulars.

Daily Fantasy Football Strategy: Resource List

A pile of books.

No 50/50 daily fantasy football strategy is complete without in-depth research across the web.

We’re hoping you count DailyFantasyUK as one of your sources for DFS strategy and news. In addition, there is a wealth of data, sites, and analytical tools at your fingertips.

Here’s a few of the sites we’ve found useful for building 50/50 lineups:

  • DraftKings FC. As well as daily updates and stats, the football area of DraftKings Playbook has extensive resources for learning about Daily Fantasy Football strategy.
  • Injuries and Bans list from NewsNow: Because nobody wants to roster in a player who gets injured or banned and can’t play on the day!
  • Rotowire Soccer Tools. This American website is a great place for daily fantasy football strategy, tips, stats and opinions from the daily grinders.
  • BBC Football News. An obvious one, but keeping ahead of the latest news is very important for trying to factor in possible developments and events in a fixture. This goes for any major news site covering football.

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