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How Does Scoring in Daily Fantasy Football Work?

Football has one of the simplest scoring systems of all sports – if you manage to get the ball into the opposition’s goal, you score a point. Daily fantasy football scoring, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated.

Because the whole thing is based on individual player performance (and most players aren’t strikers), daily fantasy football scoring has to be formatted in such a way that various actions on the pitch count towards a player’s score.

In this post we’ll run you through the sorts of actions we’re talking about, and how much you can expect to score from them.

Know Your Site

Of course, as with so much in daily fantasy football, different site operators count different actions when deciding player scores, so the only way to know for sure what’s going to earn you points is to check out the information on the site you’re using.

Here, however, we’re going to look at one of the most popular daily fantasy football sites – Mondogoal – to see how they score.

Time on the Pitch


Hands down the easiest way to get a couple of points on the board is for your chosen player to be on the pitch.

For each minute spent in play, every player in any position will gain 0.02 points on Mondogoal. This might not sound like much, but if all 11 of your players are on the pitch for the whole 90 minutes of the game, you’ve got the basis of a healthy score sheet.


Lego football players with referee giving red card

Also applicable to all players are the minus points if they behave badly while playing.

As you might expect, you get minus points for players who receive cards during play. On Mondogoal, you’ll lose 2 points for a yellow card and a hefty 5 for a red card. If a ref sends off your player, you’ll also be losing out on those time on the pitch points, so it’s a double whammy.

Fouls are also a place to win and lose points. If your player commits a foul on an opposing player, Mondogoal docks 0.5 points, while if you have a foul committed on one of your players, the site rewards 0.5 points. Again, this might not sound an awful lot, but it’s amazing how quickly those points rack up.

Player Position

Football player with ball at feet

As we said earlier, daily fantasy football scoring is based heavily on the actions of individual players. In this vein, players also have various ways to score based on their playing position. We’ll quickly run through the ways in which differently positioned players can gain points on Mondogoal.


For strikers, the fastest way to fill your score sheet is obviously to land goals, where at Mondogoal they get 7 points. They can, however, score by making assists (4 points), landing a shot on target (2 points) and making a successful pass (0.03 points).

You’ll also lose 5 points is your forward fails to net a penalty kick, so pick someone with a decent foot.


As with forwards, you’re able to claim points for assists, shots on target and successful passes. Goals are worth more than with forwards, given the smaller likelihood of them taking place. A midfielder will chalk up 7 points at Mondo Goal for a goal.

Midfielders can also get points for a clean sheet at the end of the match, with 2 points up for grabs.


Defenders will score the same for goals and assists as midfielders. However, Mondogoal gives defenders 2 extra points for a clean sheet at the end of the match.

Defenders receive 0.5 points for a tackle which is both successful and not a foul; they get a further 0.25 points for successfully intercepting passes.


The role of the goalkeeper is so different from every other position on the pitch. They gain one point for a standard save, and a whopping 7 points for a penalty kick saveKeepers also get 1 point for every tackle won, but will lose 2 points for every goal allowed.

A clean sheet at the end of a match for a keeper is pretty valuable, as it will land you 6 points. On Mondogoal, Keepers will also receive 3 points if a game ends with only a single point.

This has been our guide to daily fantasy football scoring, so you can make even better line-up choices with scoring in mind.

Be sure to check what counts towards your score at whichever site you choose to play at. There’s plenty of other actions which may win you points, from clearances to changes created, among many others.

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