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Glossary of Daily Fantasy Football Key Terms

So you’re mad about football. You know your free kicks from your FIFA, and your keeper from your kickoff. The daily fantasy football glossary is in the bag too, right?

I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that all the same football terminology you know as a second language is still in play. The bad news is you have a whole lot more key terms to learn if you want to make it in the daily fantasy football world!

Luckily for you, we’ve created this daily fantasy football glossary, full of words and phrases which will help you fake it ’til you make it.

Daily Fantasy Football Glossary

Budget – The amount of money you are allowed to spend when drafting your players for a given tournament.

Buy-in – The amount you have to spend on entry into a daily fantasy football tournament.

Cash Game – A game type in which players go head to head with the chance to double their money if they win.

Ceiling – The highest score your selected roster will be expected to achieve at the end of the tournament.

Consistency – The extent to which you can trust a player to have the same scoring potential from game to game.

Drafting – the action of selection your roster of players based on the tournament’s budget.

Exposure – How many times you’ve used each player over multiple tournaments.

Floor – the minimum score your selected roster of players will be expected to achieve at the end of a tournament.

Freeroll – A daily fantasy football game type you can enter for free.

Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) – A type of tournament in which the operator guarantees a minimum value for the prize pool prior to the event, irrespective of the number of entries.

Hedge – When you undertake to protect your bankroll by playing two completely different rosters in multi-entry games.

Late Swap – Changing your roster in relation to players taking part in later fixtures once a tournament has started.

Line-up Lock – The deadline after which you can’t make any changes to your chosen roster for a given tournament.

Multi-Entry – When a tournament allows you to enter more than one roster into the same event.

Multiplier – A type of tournament where the winner gets doubles their entry fee.

Pivoting – Changing your mind about a player or multiple players in your roster.

Rake – The amount the site you’re playing on takes from your entry as payment for running tournaments (usually around 10%).

Roster – The line-up of players you choose for a given tournament.

Single-Entry – When a tournament allows you to enter only one roster into the same event.

Stacking – When you select multiple players from the same real life team for your roster.

Train – When you choose the exact same roster for more than one consecutive tournament.

Value – Basically, the number of points you can expect a player to score versus the amount you spend on them.

Value Pick – A name given to a player who you make a small investment on, but who performs above expectations.

We hope you found our quick daily fantasy football glossary useful. Want more daily fantasy sports terms in general? We have a glossary for that too!

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