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Daily Fantasy Football FAQs: Team Selection Rules

Picking your team for a fantasy football match is a nerve-wracking and thrilling activity. Choosing right means glory, while making the wrong selection may leave you with egg on your face, so there’s a lot at stake. Thankfully, this daily fantasy football FAQ is here to help.

It’s not just a free for all either, there’s plenty of team selection rules, and having a good working knowledge of them will help you pick more efficiently and effectively. With that in mind, we’ve put together this daily fantasy football FAQ guide to the rules of team selection.

It’s worth bearing in mind that each operator has a slightly different set of rules governing their games. To find out the specific guidelines, you’re best off checking on the site you’re playing; here we’re just going to look at the general rules which govern team selection.

What’s up with the Salary Cap?

The most important thing to keep in mind is your salary cap. This is the total amount of virtual money a site permits you to spend on your roster selection. Although there are some unlimited games, which basically allow you to draft freely, most games have a set budget, which is in place to try and keep things fair.

Different players are valued at different amounts – which in itself will differ depending on where you’re playing – so using your budget strategically is key. Don’t like a salary cap? The new site Sportito doesn’t have them!

Can I Use Any Player Formations I want?

Though you usually have a little bit of leeway on your formations, there are some sites which stick to a single rigid formation. In the hopes of keeping it fair for every player 4-4-2 is the most common, but you’ll also find 4-3-3 or 3-5-2. If this really matters to you, make sure you pick a site which offers the choice you’re after.

Can I select the same players as others in the tournament?

This is one of the areas where daily fantasy football tends to differ from season-long fantasy football. In the longer form game, you tend to not be able to have the same player as other participants in the tournament. In daily fantasy football, there tends to be no real limitation on player overlap between participants. However, a handful of sites are exceptions.

Can I Choose Multiple Players from the Same Team?

Many sites don’t mind if you want to pick multiple players from a single team, though some do have a limit. If a limit is in place, you’ll be notified by the site with a pop-up box once you’ve reach it.

Are There Captains and Vice-Captains in Daily Fantasy Football?

In many instances, you can select a team captain. A lot of the time, this player will earn double points. It’s worth considering who you think your highest scoring player will be!

Some sites also ask you to choose a vice-captain. This player acts as a stand-in for your original captain if they are not in the starting line-up. Sites that let you choose captains and vice-captains include Premier Punt and Fanaments.

When Must I Submit my Roster by?

This is one which definitely varies depending on where you’re playing. For the majority of sites, team selection will close about 10 to 20 minutes before the first game kicks off. A very small number of sites will allow you to make substitutions after the tournament has started.

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