Quiz: Can You Win This Daily Fantasy Football Cash Game?

Quiz: Can You Win This Daily Fantasy Football 50/50 Cash Game?

The 50/50 daily fantasy football cash game is one of the most popular formats to play online. The rules are simple: the top 50% of contestants double their entry fee, while the bottom 50% go away with nothing.

Developing a 50/50 contest strategy will help you on your way to becoming a successful daily fantasy player.

Testing Your Daily Fantasy Football Cash Game Skills

Playing this type of daily fantasy football cash game requires a certain mindset. You want to pick solid players who are going to deliver you a crucial top 50% score.

Have you got what it takes to win a daily fantasy football cash game? Take our quiz below and find out!

So, how did you do? Whether you’re likely to have missed the mark or rack up the points, there’s always more work to be done for becoming a star daily fantasy strategist. This is only a hypothetical contest, after all!

This quiz isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to conquering the 50/50 daily fantasy football cash game format. For more, read our Football 50/50 Contest Guide.

Plus, make sure to always do your research! Real events like football matches are changeable and, to an extent, unpredictable. You should be able to react to the latest news when it comes to rostering and editing teams.

For more hints and tips on all things daily fantasy sports, check out our Guides section.

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