What is Daily Fantasy Football? A Beginner’s Guide

More and more UK football fans are discovering the appeal of daily fantasy football. Seeing as the UK is home to the biggest and most popular football league in the world (by a long shot), it’s no wonder British fans are flocking to it.

Daily fantasy sports have been big across the Atlantic for some time. Many people in this country, however, are only now getting wise to the benefits. Though every day is different, it’s the simplicity of daily fantasy football which makes it so appealing to players everywhere.

An Outline of Daily Fantasy Football

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If you love football, getting your head around daily fantasy football couldn’t be easier. First, you pick your ideal football team from players in real world leagues playing on the day (usually limited by a budget). Then you pit that team against other users on a fantasy football hosting site. Each site uses a scoring system, based on real stats, to decide who has the best fantasy team.

You can start a new game every day. This means even if you have a ‘bad start’ to the season, you won’t have to sit through months of disappointment afterwards. More regular games mean you’ll also have the chance to win more often. Plus you can claim bonuses through the daily fantasy football site you’re using.

Now, this isn’t a comparison I want to labour too heavily, but if you’ve ever played the video game Football Manager, you will pretty quickly grasp the basics of daily fantasy football. If you enjoyed Football Manager, you’re dead set to love daily fantasy football.

Origins – Fantasy Sports

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Although daily fantasy football is a relatively recent creation, its origins reach back a long way. The game’s predecessor, fantasy sports, has been popular – mostly in the USA – for over half a century.

The concept has always remained pretty much the same; players select their ideal team based on real world athletes, and the winner is decided by whose team ends with the best stats based on real world performance. However, fantasy sports differ from daily fantasy sports because contests last over the course of a season.

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It’s only with the benefit of modern technology that daily fantasy sports have been able to take off, with daily fantasy football taking the lead in popularity for a UK audience. With great sites like DraftKings, FanDuel and Mondogoal, fans from all over the world can compete for glory.

It’s unsurprising that with all the other distractions life throws at us, demand would be high for daily fantasy football; after all, players can now live through an entire season’s worth of excitement in a day!

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