Footballs decorated with the Saudi and Egyptian flags

World Cup Closer Look: Group A

With mere hours to go until World Cup 2018 officially kicks off, the excitement has reached fever pitch here at DailyFantasyUK HQ! We’re not gonna lie, we got a little carried away this month— what with all the decorating, fridge stocking, flag waving and line-up perfecting in preparation for our favourite competition. Sadly, that meant we ran out of time to complete our Get To Know series.

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Flag of Uruguay

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… Uruguay!

Welcome back, football fans! We’re picking up the pace and ploughing through the remaining teams heading to Russia 2018 this summer. Hopefully by mid-June you’ll have a clear picture of the various squads and game styles that will be battling it out on the world stage.

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Flag of South Korea

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… South Korea

Welcome back to our World Cup 2018 series! With just over a month to go, we have a lot of teams to cover, so let’s just get straight to it!

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Costa Rican flag in the wind

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… Costa Rica

We can finally say that World Cup 2018 is right around the corner! In just a month and a half the planet’s best football teams will be heading to Russia to compete for the greatest trophy of them all. The only problem is that this means we have very little time left to explore the remaining countries! This is the 8th installment in our Get to Know series, so make sure you’re caught up on the teams we’ve already covered.

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Close up of Saudi flag

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… Saudi Arabia

Welcome back to our World Cup 2018 series! We’re taking a closer look at some of the top class teams making their way to Russia this summer. Make sure you’re all caught up on some of the lesser-known teams before we get started on the big boys.

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Moroccan flag

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… MOROCCO

Greetings football fans and happy New Year! Now that we’re officially in 2018, we don’t need to make any excuses to look ahead to the World Cup—it’ll be upon us in a matter of months! With this in mind, we’re cracking on with some new teams. If you’re a DailyFantasyUK regular, you’ve already buffed up on Panama, Peru, Iceland and Senegal. An impressive start, sure, but there’s plenty more to cover!

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Peru flag textured

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… PERU

Our World Cup series is in full swing and providing a great distraction from any winter blues. We’ve taken you on a journey from tropical Panama to volcanic Iceland. You’ve even been treated (if we do say so ourselves) to a flying visit to Senegal. Don’t even think about stopping us now because we’re continuing with the good stuff—experienced teams returning in 2018 after a bit of a World Cup drought.

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Senegal map

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… SENEGAL

We don’t know about you, but ever since the draws were announced, World Cup fever has taken hold here at DailyFantasyUK. There’s no holding us back! We’re launching straight into another Get to Know. Now that we’ve explored the countries embarking on their first ever World Cup, it’s time to consider the teams who are returning after a significant hiatus.

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Icelandic flag flying with blue skies in background

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… ICELAND

Welcome back to our Get to Know series! As the competition in Russia fast approaches, we want you to be prepared to have your best summer of DFS yet. We’re dropping facts and player picks for some of the more obscure teams taking part in the 2018 World Cup. The hope is that this will enable you to play fantasy sport to your heart’s content—even if your preferred teams are having a rest day. As always, remember to get your friends involved too!

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Illustration of Panama flag

World Cup 2018: Get to Know… PANAMA

You wait 4 long years for another World Cup and all of a sudden it feels like it’s just around the corner. In preparation for Russia 2018 we’re launching our Get to Know series, exploring some of the more obscure teams and introducing you to their star players. That way, on days when your top teams aren’t playing, you can still partake in some DFS action—utilising your rather impressive knowledge of some of the lesser known teams. There may even be some fun country facts thrown in too!

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