DFS industry—what is the state of the financse?

What State is the DFS Industry In?

The path trodden by Daily Fantasy Sports sites—both new and well-established—has been notoriously treacherous. This is particularly the case in the UK, where several of the big players—Mondogoal and FanDuel, for instance—have ceased trading.

The situation for DFS sites has not exactly been rosy in the US, either. With the ongoing question into the legality of DFS across several states, the thwarted merger of FanDuel and DraftKings, and multiple allegations of corruption, the odds have been stacked against DFS from the start.

Naturally, this can cause us honest Daily Fantasy Sports fans to worry. Will we be able to play DFS forever, or will it just be a flash in the pan, another failed entrant to the incredibly volatile gambling industry? Reports of DraftKings and FanDuel making huge losses did nothing to settle our nerves.

Surely things are on the up for Daily Fantasy Sports? In this article, we examine the current state of the DFS industry.

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FanDuel DraftKings merger

BREAKING: FanDuel DraftKings Merger Cancelled

What we thought was going to be a DFS revolution—the merger of the two biggest sites in the game, FanDuel and DraftKings, has been abandoned. You might have heard about the difficulties that the two companies had encountered (we covered the story earlier in the week), but we didn’t think that it would be over this quickly!

Surely many DFS fans assumed that the colossal might of the two DFS giants would be enough to counter the opposition from the FTC? Apparently not! Read on to find out more…

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Flag of Germany on Flagpole

DraftKings Sets Its Sights on Germany

A few months ago, we reported on Malta’s decision to introduce a specific licence for daily fantasy sports. This meant more than just a licence for Malta—it provided international operators with an access point to the EU.

Now, we’re seeing one of the biggest impacts of that decision: DraftKings has gained a Maltese licence. Read on to find out more about how that impacts players across Europe—and in the UK.

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Gambling dice and playing cards

Why is Daily Fantasy Football Gambling and Not a Chance or a Skill Game?

There has been a big debate for daily fantasy football in the US over the past year. Sites and regulators have argued whether the game is one of chance or skill. This is because online gambling is illegal there; operators want to class the game as skill-based to keep their U.S. players.

On the other hand, labelling daily fantasy football gambling is par for the course in the UK. Let’s look a bit more in depth at the difference between games of chance and games of skill. Where does daily fantasy football fall in the Venn diagram of the two? Read more…

Is Playing Real Money Daily Fantasy Football Legal in the UK?

If you’re interested in playing real money daily fantasy football, you may well have been following the saga about legality in the United States.

Now prospective players in the UK may well wonder about whether daily fantasy football counts as gambling in the UK. Is it legal to play for real cash? Well the short answer is yes. However, with all things related to online gambling, the short answer doesn’t really tell the whole story. Let me explain…

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Growing bar chart

News Roundup: UK greenlights Yahoo DFS, Mondogoal stops cash contests, DFS industry may double by 2021

Big changes are occurring in the DFS world: from Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports getting the green light in the UK, to Mondogoal closing its doors on cash contests for players, there’s a lot going on!

Plus a recent report has suggested that the DFS industry may double by 2021. Want all the deets? Read on…

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FanDuel and DraftKings logos

News Roundup: FanDuel and DraftKings merging, Nevada to regulate eSports betting, Global Daily Fantasy Sports platform making headway

In this edition of DailyFantasyUK’s news roundup, the biggest story comes in the form of a merger between two particular daily fantasy operators you may recognise. Yep, the rumoured DraftKings FanDuel merger is definitely on the cards.

In other news, the state of Nevada has decided to regulate eSports betting—despite having previously rejected a similar idea for daily fantasy. Plus, the Global Daily Fantasy Sports platform is heading towards completion for the European market. Read on for the full details!

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Screenshot of Streamlabs streaming software example

News Roundup: FanDuel and DraftKings to pay NY $12m, Vulcun eSports company turns to streaming, Boom Fantasy app offers in-play predictions

Welcome to the DailyFantasyUK news roundup! The big story this fortnight has been the DraftKings FanDuel New York settlement. The State has charged the companies a whopping $12 million dollars.

In other news, ex-daily fantasy eSports company Vulcun have made a fresh start, in the video-streaming world, with their new Streamlabs product. Also, new daily fantasy sports app Boom Fantasy is promoting in-game predictions for fans. Read on to get the full scoop on these stories.

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White shark swimming with fish

How To Spot A Daily Fantasy Shark Player

When you log into a daily fantasy sports site, you may think you’re competing against a bunch of other sports fans playing for fun. In reality, there are people on DFS sites waiting to take advantage of the casual player. Introducing the daily fantasy shark.

Who is the daily fantasy shark? They’re a highly skilled and resourceful daily fantasy player, who plays big to win big. The daily fantasy shark is a pro at finding less experienced players (known as ‘fish’) and winning money from them.

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League of Legends eSports championship team Les Jeunes Pommes

News Roundup: AlphaDraft eSports site closes contests, Millionaire Maker brother cleared of collusion, DraftKings scraps NBA late swap

There has been a lot going on in the daily fantasy sports world in the last couple of weeks! From FanDuel’s eSports betting site AlphaDraft ceasing to run competitions, to DraftKings changing its late swap features, it seems the daily fantasy landscape is constantly changing.

Check out our news roundup to see which daily fantasy sports stories have been making the headlines.

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Sportito daily fantasy phone app

Italian Daily Fantasy Game ‘Sportito’ Imported To The UK

One of Italy’s top daily fantasy sites is hoping to score in the UK market with its latest daily fantasy football product, Sportito.

This is exciting news for British daily fantasy fans, because we’ll have even more ways to play along with our favourite football teams and leagues.

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Screenshot from Global Daily Fantasy Sports website homepage 'We sell fantasy'

Companies Join Forces To Provide UK Market Ready-made DFS Platform

It seems like a lot more UK companies are going to start offering DFS gaming. Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc. have signed a deal with NYX Digital Gaming to distribute their Daily Fantasy Sports product across the UK.

The creation and distribution of a Global Daily Fantasy Sports platform will mean lots of companies – from traditional sportsbooks to online casinos – can add DFS gaming to their site. Read more…

Screenshot of DraftKings Social Leagues feature banner

How To Use The DraftKings Social Leagues Feature

Combine the fast-paced excitement of daily fantasy with the social nature of traditional fantasy leagues. What do you get? DraftKings social leagues!

With DraftKings Social Leagues, you can battle it out with your buddies for cash and bragging rights, all season long. Plus you don’t have the same level of week-in, week out commitment involved in season-long fantasy.

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FanDuel late swap announcement banner

FanDuel Adds Late Swap Feature to Daily Fantasy Football Contests

FanDuel fantasy football managers rejoice! There is now a FanDuel late swap feature.

The FanDuel late swap feature means you have more chances to choose starting players for your fantasy lineups. Starting players are your best choice when it comes to creating the most effective lineups. This is because they are definitely out on the field creating point opportunities.

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