The Definitive Daily Fantasy Sports Review — Which Site is for You?

We’ve done quite a few daily fantasy sports reviews now at DailyFantasyUK, each covering every aspect of the particular DFS site in great detail. We think you’ll agree that this is a brilliant resource, but the thought recently occurred to us that some of you might not have the time to read through them all.

Quickly, the paranoia started flooding in – how are you going to know which site is best for you? What if you get stuck on a site you don’t like, with no hope on the horizon? Feeling pangs of guilt, we thought it might be useful to create a definitive daily fantasy sports review — a comparison of all the major DFS sites.

The best place to start is with the big players, DraftKings and FanDuel. Both of these sites are massively popular and are a great place to start for anyone interested in Daily Fantasy Sports, but which one is for you?

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DailyFantasyUK’s Top Fantasy Football Tips for the Coming Season

There might be plenty of other Daily Fantasy Sports to play over this summer, but we know that most of you are craziest about the Premier League. So, now that the season’s over, what better time to swot up on your teamsheets? You’ve got no excuse!

Here at DailyFantasyUK we like to think we know quite a bit about DFS, so just to help you all out we’ve put together our top fantasy football tips for the coming season.

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FanTeam Review

Welcome to DailyFantasyUK’s review of FanTeam! Whatever gets you going about DFS – the bonuses, the custom competitions or a bit of head-to-head – we’ve got it covered in this in-depth review.

Should you be jumping ship from DraftKings or Mondogoal, or is FanTeam just clinging on at the bottom of the table? Read on to find out…

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Sportito Review

You’ve probably heard people in the DFS world kicking up a fuss about a newcomer to the scene, Sportito. Sportito isn’t yet playing in the big leagues with the likes of DraftKings, but it’s climbing up the ranks at an alarming rate, so there must be something special about it!

You might have seen our feature on this site back when it was first brought over to the UK at the end of last year. This time we’re doing a full in-depth review, to see if Sportito really is one of the best daily fantasy sports sites out there. Read on to find out if the hype’s justified, and if you should get a transfer to daily fantasy football’s hottest new signing.

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