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Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary

The Daily Fantasy Sports community speaks a lingo of its own.

Beginners, have you ever wandered into DFS chatboxes or forums and felt super confused? Everyone else might be discussing valuable strategy or telling a really good insider joke, but you’re not in on it.

DailyFantasyUK is here to help! Here’s our Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary, full of DFS terminology that you should know.
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What’s the difference between Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports?

So, you’ve heard of Fantasy Sports – you know a couple of online games that reflect real life sports where you can make your own teams and anticipate who wins, but Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)? That’s new! Here’s a quick overview of what it is, and the differences between Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports are similar, except instead of being a season long game, as the latter is, you’re able to begin and finish an entire game within a single day. What’s more, it isn’t actually all that new. The first site to launch it was in 2009, and some of the biggest DFS sites to date include FanDuel and DraftKings – both worth more than $1 million. Since then, DFS has soared to popularity, and its future looks even more promising.

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Sky Sports Six a Side banner

Sky Sports’ New Fantasy Site

The daddy of everything sports-related has finally released a brand spanking new football fantasy game (it’s about time), and it looks pretty damn good. Here, we present to you Sky Sports Six A Side.

(If you have no idea what fantasy sports is you should probably read this first.)

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6 Reasons to Play Daily Fantasy Sports

I know, daily fantasy sports can look quite intimidating. There are tens and hundreds of resources online, which gives the impression that everyone playing has done their homework and beginners are not welcome. There are too many DFS sites to choose from and you’re not bothered to read reviews or sign up for accounts.

Well, get off your bum! DFS promises loads of fun and real money. You HAVE to get in on this. Here are 10 reasons to play in daily fantasy sports contests. You can pick any sport you’re familiar with, as long as you start playing!
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All I wanna do is play DFS

Daily Fantasy Sports Addiction

You’re transformed: from spectator to decision maker. There’s tingles in your fingertips as you carefully pick and choose – it’s your team, finally! The excitement, the adrenaline and the rush as you anticipate whether or not you’re glorious. The money. Oh, it is so much fun.

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