USA DFS battle: Hawaii next on the hit list

Flag Of Hawaii

It’s not all hula dancing, bikinis and surfing in Hawaii as the Daily Fantasy war settles itself now in the vacationland. The ‘DFS is gambling’ virus has been spreading across the USA, and its latest victim presents itself via Attorney General Doug Chin.

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Is it legal to play virtual sport for cash in the UK?

Sports Equipment

You’re after an adrenaline rush;  you like sports; and you like money…well, there’s a good chance that you’ll absolutely love Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Briefly, DFS is where you build a virtual team online using real players. If your team does well in real life, you win prizes! Yay! (If you want a more detailed explanation about DFS, click here.)

In recent years, the industry has exploded, and there’s tons of sports you can pick – from the likes of footy, basketball, cricket and even MMA.

It’s exciting and it’s fun. So what’s with all the commotion over in the US, you ask? We understand if you’re worried that you’ll be sanctioned as a criminal if you play, thanks to all of the stuff in the news lately.

Luckily, in the UK, Daily Fantasy is completely legal. However, you should bear a few things in mind…

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Texas joins the list of states that debate the legality of real money online gaming

The Flag of Texas

The online gaming world is under threat yet again as it faces the heated wrath of General Ken Paxton – the attorney of Texas. This isn’t great news for the 2 million residents of the state who actively enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). Read more…

DFS Football, Basketball, Cricket and more

Sports Equipment

Who doesn’t like a bit of adrenaline inducing online fun? With Daily Fantasy you get just that, and more. You can play for free or for whatever budget you have your heart set on.

Are you a footy fanatic or are you after some MMA mania? The games really are that diverse – so you can pick the one that most tickles your fancy… Read more…

UK Gambling Commission and DFS

The UK Gambling Comission

With the impact of the Daily Fantasy explosion hitting hard and fast around the world, it’s good to know who controls the activity of DFS games within the country.

Here we present to you some quick-fire info on The Gambling Commission and what they think of real money Daily Fantasy Sports.

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New Site, Fanaments, has finally landed in the UK

There’s a new site in town, offering the best in Daily Fantasy Sports for British players. Fanaments recently acquired a UK licence, so now we have a chance to check out this brand new site!

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Basketball UK — Back to Basics

This week’s article is all about basketball. We’ve set up a brief guide to take you through the different stages involved when it comes to starting out, and excelling in your first game of Daily Fantasy Basketball. Ready? Let’s go!

Firstly, which site?

There’s a few sites kicking about that offer Daily B-Ball, but before we can decide on the best one, let’s quickly run through the top three contenders.


FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball

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